Are you getting the best insurance protection?

Imagine if you will, a loved one passes that had a life insurance policy. Sadly, when the beneficiary attempts to claim on the benefit of the policy, they are told the policy has lapsed!!  

Shocking statistics:

100% of all clients that I have sat with did not know what kind of insurance they had. Several client's policies were:

1. Expired

2. Only covered a certain type of death

3. Double the price for the amount of the coverage they were receiving


What is policy review?

A licensed agent, for completely free, will review the current policy that you have. They will be able to offer you experienced advice as to whether or not you have a policy that meets your needs!  

Shocking statistic:

Every client that I have sat with was paying 50-65% more for their policy than they needed to. Why not see if you can save $$$ or get the right coverage for the price you are already paying