Can investments actually be recession PROOF?

Many people are concerned with the uncertainty of our current market.  There are many investment strategies out there and all of them have pros and cons. 
The point that it comes down to is, what are your goals?  Do you want something that has a potential for a higher, faster, return on your money? 
Are you looking for something that has less volatility and a safer return?  Believe it or not, there are investments that I like to call "recession proof".

How can an investment be recession proof?
Recession proof investing is actually a thing!!  Many are unaware or underinformed of the types of investments that actually exists. 
The one that I am referring to is one that allows you to safely invest your money with a "no loss guarantee" 
How does it work?
Many ended up bankrupt or loss tons of money due to the stock market crashes of recent days or in previous years. 
Investing your money with a no-loss guarantee allows your money to be attached to the stock market.  This "attachment" allows you to reap the gains without suffering from the losses in the market.  WHAT!?  Yes, it's true.  Many investments require a level of risk in order to receive a potential level of reward. 
However, some investments allow you, in measure, to share in the rewards of the market with having to share in its losses.  
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