Get P.H.I.T. For Life

Making sure your family is protected is a must, but what about your health in the meantime?  I want to share a post from a doctor and my own personal trainer, Dr. Jeremiah.  Below is an excerpt from him.

"My business name is P.H.I.T., an acronym for "Performance Health & Integrative Training". I am both a Chiropractor and a Personal Trainer.
In my years of study and experience I have lived and loved the idea of molding a healthy lifestyle with fitness and nutrition; thus how PHIT was created.

Chiropractic: I offer myofascial release (Graston, Cupping, Vibration, MRT) to help the body heal and hold adjustments longer.  The body is an awesome vessel when given the proper tools such as myofascial release and realignment of the spine.  Also, with wholesome nutrition can and does allow our bodies to heal!!

Personal training and Coaching offers both nutrition and fitness. Each having it own place in life.  One person may need the influence and active participation that I offer to regain health or attain personal goals Self-accountability has shown greater rewards with a coach, rather than the attempt to do it alone.

I have an Instagram account where materials are posted. Soon PHIT will also offer an interactive platform allowing patients or clients the ability to find out more information as to what is currently offered and to schedule an appointment."  --Dr. Jeremiah K. Wright 
I thought it necessary to take a break from the regular posting of life insurance, disability, and the like. 
Insurance takes care of your loved one when you are gone, P.H.I.T takes care of You while you are here.