Story Time

Picture yourself driving down the road and you look to your right. There is a car, maybe a mom and 2 kids, broken down beside the road. Some people drive right by and give it no thought at all. 

Others, say I hope they find help soon. 

Then there are those that pull over and call for help or fix the car if they have the know-how!! We can all relate to this scenario. WHAT makes the difference?

We live in a world of caring people. 

The question is not do you care, but how much do you care. Do you care about your friends, family, loved ones ENOUGH to share help with them? 

What kind of help does the Shiu Group offer?

Life Insurance: Sad but true, 10 out of 10 people die! There really is no escaping this fact. The Shiu Group works with over 3 dozen carriers to provide you and your family with the exact protection that you need.


Mortgage Protection: Anyone out there have a home? What do you have in place that would protect your family when (not if) you die? Over 60% of families rely on 2 incomes. What would your family have to do when your income is no longer there? Some people have life insurance, but many of those policies only payout upon death! 

What if you are unable to work due to illness or injury? A mortgage protection policy, at no additional charge, takes care of that.

Children's Policies:  WAIT, I know what you are thinking. I do not even want to think about my little one dying! I know, and neither do I. The purpose of these policies is not for the life insurance benefit. 

Children's policies do a number of things:

1. They protect insurability! Do you know that not everyone can get GOOD life insurance? One of the major things that affect the insurance you can get is health conditions. My son developed epilepsy at 5 years old! It has been an absolute battle trying to get him life insurance(and that's coming from someone who does this for a living). Had I known then what I know now, I could have locked in his insurance before he got sick. Getting insurance on someone when they are young ensures they have protection while they are healthy. Once you get that policy, your premiums do not go up even if they get sick later on!

2. Saving for the future! How many of us could use an extra $40,000 to $50,000 or more? Did you know that some children's policies can actually accumulate cash value? Many of these policies, every 12 months, lock in any of the gains you earned over the previous year, and you cannot lose it. Imagine getting your baby a policy now and having their car, college, or possibly even their first house paid for by the time they are your age.

3. Move it or use it. All of the children's policies are transferable. Meaning that while they are a minor, you are the owner of the policy. 

When they come of age, you can transfer that policy to them and they manage from then on. Essentially, you teach them how to "ride" then take off the training wheels...sort of.

Retirement protection:

Everyone knows what the market is going to do, just ask them. Unfortunately, no one has the crystal ball of investing (other than the inside traders but that's another post for another time #dotherightthingevenwhennooneislooking). 

However, you can protect what you already have. These programs will protect your life's work, lock in gains, guarantee NO loss, and in many cases offer a bonus for signing up!  

Policy review:

A licensed agent, for completely free, will review the current policy that you have. They will be able to offer you experienced advice as to whether or not you have a policy that meets your needs!  

Every client that I have sat with was paying 50-65% more for their policy than they needed to. Why not see if you can save $$$ or get the right coverage for the price you are already paying!  


$$$  I figured the $$$ would get your attention. 

The Shiu Group provides what is called "Care to Share". It is a referral program that rewards caring people like yourself for sharing the need for protection with others. Anytime you refer a new client to the Shiu Group and they receive a policy, you will get a $25 gift card per person. It's a great way to help others and thereby helping yourself!